Prayer Ministry Team 

There are several requirements to be on the Prayer Ministry Team at Mile High Vineyard:
1) Regular Attender
2) Complete Transformation Series 101 and 201 OR Attend a Prayer Ministry Team training
3) Regular participation in a Life Circle – this means you attend the Life Circle most weeks, the leader knows who you are and would be able to verify that you attend their group.
4) Submission of a Prayer Ministry Team Application

Scheduled Healing Prayer

Scheduled Healing Prayer is typically arranged for one session per week for six weeks, one hour per session.  Acknowledging that healing is totally in the hands of the Lord, it is nevertheless understood that the prayer recipient has responsibilities – including, but not limited to, attending all scheduled sessions and sincerely pursuing Biblically-based personal spiritual growth.

Prayer sessions generally follow the Vineyard Prayer Model:  An interview (or personal update), listening to the Holy Spirit, praying according to His direction, waiting in the Lord’s presence/listening, then responding with appropriate prayer (i.e. confession, repentance, forgiveness, physical or emotional healing, or deliverance).’

It is understood and agreed that the members of the prayer teams serve as intercessors – brothers and sisters in Christ asking God to heal your wounds.  They should never be considered counselors, medical/health advisors, or sources of spiritual strength. 

Effectiveness of the prayer sessions, and related progress, will be regularly evaluated by the prayer team.  In situations where a prayer recipient is not fulfilling his/her responsibilities, or where the prayer team determines no progress is being made, participation may be curtailed.  Further, due to the number of people requesting Scheduled Healing Prayer, sessions will normally be limited to a six-week period.  In any case, at the sole discretion of the MHV staff and/or the Healing Prayer administration team, permission may be granted to schedule another six week session.

In addition to participation in Scheduled Healing Prayer, prayer recipients are encouraged to attend weekly Sunday services and the Encounter services.  Check the weekly announcements for dates and times.

Prayer recipient’s responsibilities:

1.  Keep all appointments.  If a problem arises, the team leader is to be notified as soon as possible.  In fairness to all, prayer recipients who do not attend regularly will be permanently replaced by a candidate on the waiting list.

2.  Make every effort to become an active member of a MHV Life Circle.

3.  Follow health care provider and counselor directives.

4.  Pray and read the Bible daily.  Pray scriptures for yourself.  

5.  Take tangible steps to attain real spiritual growth.

Scheduled Healing Prayer Application

Healing Prayer Agreement (print and bring to your first session)