Jay Pathak

Jay Pathak is the Senior Pastor of the Mile High Vineyard. Prior to planting our church in 2001, he served as a leader in the Columbus Vineyard’s young-adult ministry, Joshua House, and as an intern to the senior pastor, Rich Nathan, in Columbus, Ohio.

As the Senior Pastor of the MHV, Jay strategically guides the mission and vision of the church as a whole, is the main teaching pastor and provides oversight to each of our hubs. He has spoken nationally and internationally for Vineyard and other groups in both conference and classroom settings. In addition, he is a member of Vineyard USA’s Executive Team.

Committed to engaging and impacting those outside the church walls, Jay created the Engage video series with Carl Medearis – a seven-week course designed to create space to discuss the person and teachings of Jesus in an non-threatening environment  – and co-wrote the released book, The Art of Neighboring, with Dave Runyon. This unique and challenging book asks the question: “What is the most loving thing I can do for the people who live right next door?”

Jay has a BA in Philosophy from The Ohio State University and is a graduate of the Vineyard Leadership Institute. He and his wife, Danielle, were married in 1998 and have two daughters, Jasmine and Sofia.

Corey Garris, Executive Pastor

Corey Garris is Executive Pastor at the Mile High Vineyard. He joined our staff in January 2014, as the completion of a ten-month journey he and his wife Cyndia had embarked on to determine the Lord’s direction for their future. Prior to working at MHV, Corey oversaw the development of campuses at Vineyard Columbus, was a campus pastor himself, and also helped send out church plants.

Corey knows firsthand the impact that the Gospel, good leadership, consistent discipleship, and living life in community can have on someone. He’s passionate about seeing Jesus transform lives in our city and about hubs being life-giving communities that profoundly impact their neighborhoods and communities. As Executive Pastor, Corey is responsible for supplying pastoral care and leadership to the church as well as overseeing the development of MHV Hubs throughout the Denver metro area.

Corey is a graduate of the University of Nebraska with a degree in Criminal Justice. He and Cyndia have been married since 2003 and have two daughters, Ava and Rylee.


Becca Knudsen, Administrative Pastor

Becca Knudsen is the Administrative Pastor for the Mile High Vineyard. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Becca moved to Colorado in 2005 with her husband Chris to pursue a Masters in Music at the University of Colorado. But, while pursuing that degree, she realized and embraced her desire to do ministry full time instead of music. She worked part time for the church until she graduated from CU and then came on full time.

As our Administrative Pastor, Becca oversees all the logistical and tactical needs of the Mile High Vineyard. In the past four years Becca has helped to establish more structure and systems in the church to allow for church growth and excellence in all we do. She and her husband also implemented the church’s ministry and outreach to the large refugee population in the Denver metro area. Prior to moving to Colorado, she was involved in the Grove City Vineyard and served as a Young Life Leader for five years in Columbus, Ohio.

Becca and her husband Chris, whom she met in middle school, were married in 2004. They have two children, Eloise and Soren.



Danielle Pathak, Ministries Pastor

Danielle Pathak is the Ministries Pastor for the Mile High Vineyard. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Danielle moved to Colorado in 2001 with her husband, Jay, to plant our church. Her entire life has been devoted to telling others about Jesus and helping them experience wholeness and health in their relationships with each other and with Jesus – whether through leading small groups, our Women’s Ministry, our Marriage Ministry, or our Wholeness Ministry. While a key part of our church since its inception, she came on staff formally in 2009.

Now, in her role Ministries Pastor, Danielle gets to take that passion to see others grow in their lives with Jesus, His people and His Church even further by overseeing all ministries, ministry coordinators and pastoral staff at the Mile High Vineyard. She disciples each leader personally, providing guidance and support for their personal lives with Jesus as well as for their oversight of a ministry and team. She dreams of seeing every person in our community freed up to serve God and others through his or her unique gifts and callings.

Danielle has a BS in Human Development and Family Studies from The Ohio State University. She and Jay were married in 1998 and have two daughters, Jasmine and Sofia.



Amy Druck, Kids and Family Pastor

Amy Druck is the Kids and Family Pastor at the Mile High Vineyard. Originally from Mattituck, New York, Amy and her family moved to Denver where Amy and her husband, Peter, were on staff with Prodigal Gatherings, a local non-profit ministry that worked with street youth and homeless children in Denver. She joined the MHV staff in 2008 with a heart to see our children know and experience Jesus from a very young age.

As our Kids and Family Pastor, Amy has worked hard to create and maintain a church culture where children are valued as important participants in the Kingdom of God and are not merely spectators. She develops, builds and manages our Sunday kids program as well as our ministry to families throughout the week. She keeps an eye on how God is leading within our community and responds to that new growth through everything from curriculum to meeting with families and teachers to planning and implementing new family events and Sunday classes. Currently, she’s dreaming of ways to help our kids participate in loving and serving the disadvantaged around the world.

Amy is a graduate from Messiah College (Grantham, Pennsylvania) with a major in Sociology and a minor in Bible. In 2001, she married her childhood friend, Peter Druck. They started a family shortly after getting married and now have three boys: Elliot, Malachi and Ari.


Anabeth Morgan, Worship Pastor

Anabeth Morgan is the Worship Pastor for the Mile High Vineyard. Originally from a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee, Anabeth has always loved the church. It was within the walls of the Vineyard Church in Kansas City, MO that she began to feel God tugging on her heart to lead others in worship. With the help of wonderful leaders and friends, she began her journey in worship leading. Her heart is to see God’s Kingdom come to earth so that people would be healed, set free, changed and moved to say “Yes!” to Jesus. She joined the MHV staff in 2011.

As our Worship Pastor, Anabeth oversees the worship and audiovisual ministries for both the Arvada and the Denver hubs. This includes all worship and A/V aspects of our Sunday and Kids (Launch) services, small groups and various other events. Plus she mentors and raises-up new worship leaders and musicians. In addition to her role at our church, she serves Vineyard Worship for events and has been featured on numerous Vineyard Worship recordings including “Bringing the World to Life” and “I Love Your Presence – Live from Phoenix, and most recently “Cultivation Generation Live – My Foundation”. She has a new album set to release in July 2013.

Anabeth is a graduate of Mississippi State University and holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Exercise Science and Psychology. She and her college sweetheart, Kyle, have been married since 2003.


Lyndsey Bell, Children’s Church Coordinator

Lyndsey Bell is the Kid’s Church Coordinator at the Mile High Vineyard. Lyndsey and her husband Doug moved to Colorado from Pennsylvania in 2009, after a recommendation to visit the church and after listening to some of Jay’s sermons online, they knew MHV was the place for them. Lyndsey joined the staff in 2012.

In her role, Lyndsey coordinates the Kid’s Church programming and assists the Kids and Family Pastor with any projects they may have. Knowing the impact that even a short amount of time in church can impact a child, she wants our Kid’s Church programming to be a place where families and children can come and meet Jesus each Sundays.

As a parent, she is passionate about learning how to engage with her son about Jesus and believes that Kid’s Church programming is just one tool that helps accomplish that. She is especially fond of how our programming provides parents with additional resources that coordinates with what the kids are learning on Sunday mornings. Knowing that her son loves coming to church and engages with what we do, makes her want to provide the same experience to every family that comes through the front doors.

Lyndsey is a graduate of Messiah College (Grantham, Pennsylvania) with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology/Criminal Justice. She and her husband Doug have been married since 2001; their son, Jeremiah was born in late 2006.


Christian Summers, Sunday Service Coordinator

Christian Summers is the Sunday Service Coordinator for the Arvada Hub of the Mile High Vineyard. A Colorado native, Christian and his family were missionaries in the Philippines for two years. After returning to the US in late 2011, they joined the church early the next year and Christian came on staff in 2013.

As an extreme extrovert, Christian is fueled by people. His greatest joy is to meet people, hear their stories and see them know Jesus. And, as the Arvada Sunday Service Coordinator, he gets to do just that. He works alongside all of our amazing volunteer leaders in order to create a dynamic Sunday morning experience. Desiring to see every person – whether first-time visitor or regular attendee – feel welcomed and invited in the MHV family, he dreams of a day when we will have a network of ‘hubs’ across Denver that enable as many people as possible to discover Jesus. He is thrilled to get to work in a position that is all about people and enabling them to meet Him.

Christian is a graduate of Lee University with a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education and Organizational Recreation. He and his wife Bridget have been married since 2004 and have three children (Riley, Caedmon, and Eliana) and a mutt named Buddy.



Natalie Grillo, Circles and Connect Administrator

Natalie Grillo is the Circles and Connect Administrator for the Mile High Vineyard. Originally from the Northeast, Natalie has been a vital leader in our church since 2002. Over the years, she’s seen MHV grow and respond to the people and opportunities God has brought and, in many ways, feels like she’s been privileged to grow up, heal and thrive in tandem with how the church has grown and developed. She was thrilled to come on staff in 2013.

Natalie is passionate about creating spaces for others to grow in their relationships with Jesus and others – believing that we live life most vibrantly and healthfully when we live in community with other Jesus-followers. In her role as Circles and Connect Administrator, Natalie fulfills that passion by using her gifts of administration, planning, implementation, leadership and discipleship to influence and oversee the main community-building engines of our church. She works to ensure all guests feel welcomed, known and connected and to enable everyone to have access to a small group of people with whom to live life, grow and learn.

Natalie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from Taylor University (Fort Wayne, IN) and is a graduate of the Vineyard Leadership Institute.




Lani Simmons, Office Manager

Lani Simmons is the Office Manager at the Mile High Vineyard. Originally from Ouray, Colorado, Lani has been a part of the church since 2009 and came on staff in late 2010.

As Office Manager, Lani is a communication liaison between ministry areas of the church and the church staff. She manages traditional office duties including volunteer scheduling for services at both the Arvada and Denver Hubs. She plans and coordinates Discovering Community and Discovering Membership, and many other ministry events. She assists the church staff with a multitude of administrative tasks. Her efforts are vital in aiding and enhancing communication and quality in all that we do as a church.

Lani and her husband Grant have been married since 2007. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Human Communication and minors in Leadership and Spanish from Colorado Christian University.




Lindsey Arnold, Office Assistant

Lindsey Arnold is a part-time Administrative Assistant for the Mile High Vineyard. A Colorado native, Lindsey began attending the MHV in 2006 and came on staff in 2009.

As an Administrative Assistant, Lindsey maintains all of the church’s weekly communications (bulletins, emails, website and podcasts) and a lot of our behind the scenes operations (including compiling all giving and visitor information). Without Lindsey, many of the things we’ve all come to depend on and expect each week wouldn’t occur. In addition to her vital role as Administrative Assistant, Lindsey is involved in Children’s Church and our ministry to refugees in the Denver Metro area. Prior to coming on staff, Lindsey worked with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Lindsey and her husband Nick, whom she met in college, were married in 2006 and have three children, Ellie, Ava and Eli. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Colorado Denver.



Jessica Bryski, Executive Assistant

Jessica Bryski is Jay Pathak’s Executive Assistant. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Jessica has been a part of the church since the summer of 2011 when she felt the Lord asking her to move to Denver to volunteer specifically for the Mile High Vineyard. She volunteered at the 2011 Cause Conference and came on staff full time later that year.

In her role, Jessica is able to use her gifts to help see people come to healing and freedom in Christ. Whether she’s assisting Jay with various tasks or working with Danielle to help manage and maintain the church’s pastoral care process (including marriage counseling, peer counseling, crisis management, etc.), she’s a vital piece of the system that strengthens our growing church by caring effectively for our staff and congregation. She’s excited to be using her own story and journey, as well as her passion to care for others where they are, in such pivotal ways.

Jessica and her husband Todd, whom she met at the 2011 Denver Cause Conference, were married in 2012. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the Ohio State University


Joe Martino, Facilities Manager

Joe Martino is the Facilities Manger for the Mile High Vineyard. He joined the church in 2002, having built relationships with those in the church while training at a Kung Fu school next to our original building. Through everyone’s openness and kindness, Joe began to attend Sunday services. MHV quickly became his home church and has been ever since. He came on staff in August of 2012.

As facilities manager, Joe organizes the cleaning, repair, improvements and weekly upkeep for the Arvada Hub in order to provide a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment. He also plans and implements space and energy efficiency. His hope is to create and facilitate an environment for people to come and experience community in the life of Jesus. With a love for serving others and providing behind-the-scenes support, his goal is to continually improve the efficiency and the aesthetic environment of our Arvada Hub building in order to create a comfortable place for worship, special events and organizations in our community.

Joe and his wife Ivy have been married since 2009. They have two daughters Alice and Emma. Joe will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication (with specialties in Conflict Management and Leadership) at Regis University in late 2013 with plans to pursue a Master of Arts in decision-making processes and essay writing after that.


Jerry Lanier, Events and Facilities Coordinator

Jerry Lanier is the Events and Facilities Coordinator at the Mile High Vineyard. Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, Jerry first connected to MHV during our 2010 Cause Conference. He then attended and graduated from the Heroic Leadership Institute (Lewiston, Maine) in 2012. Responding to the Lord’s prompting, Jerry moved to Denver in July 2013 to join our staff and to assist in the launch of the Heroic Leadership Institute in Denver.

As the Events and Facilities Coordinator, Jerry assists our Facilities Manager with cleaning, repairs, improvements and weekly upkeep at our Arvada Hub. He also helps to prepare the
building to be used for any events that our church, our church community or local organizations may be hosting there.

In his staff role, Jerry’s aim is to help enable our church be known for our openness and willingness to use our resources to serve the people around us by hosting a wide range of
church and community events and through facilitating an environment of hospitality. With nearly ten years’ experience as a graphic artist, Jerry has a passion to create aesthetically pleasing environments, knowing that such spaces promote comfort and beauty and can assist people in exploring what life with God is and what it looks like to follow Jesus.